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The Rochester River School will be the first school in the Monroe County area to base its design on the principles of Humane Education. Our rigorous, college and career preparatory curriculum will teach on-water job skills, environmental stewardship, and action (“doing” and finding solutions) by utilizing Rochester’s natural features, especially its waterways. The Genesee River and Lake Ontario, as well as the City of Rochester, Erie Canal, and nearby Finger Lakes, will be our classroom for much of each week. Students will learn to take an active role in the community through service learning activities and participation in community-driven projects. Healthy plant-based snacks and lunch will be provided. Our target population will draw students from across the City from diverse cultural, socioeconomic, and geographical backgrounds. To learn more about the Rochester River School, visit:
A charter school is a non-profit, open enrollment, tuition-free, public school. Effective charter schools offer students unique educational experiences. Charter schools allow for the implementation of innovative school models and provide teachers and students flexibility in how academic content is delivered and received, all the while being held accountable for the same student achievement results that traditional schools do. Do you support charter schools? *
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