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SwingColumbus Safer Space Incident Report
Protect your personal space and be mindful of others'. Both persons should take responsibility for protecting themselves and each other on and off the dance floor. Connect in a way you would like to feel connected yourself. If someone uses an unpleasant or hurtful connection, please let them know. If you accidentally kick or hit someone while dancing, apologize. If a person consistently dances in a dangerous (unaware of their surroundings) way, bring it to their attention.

This form is for anyone in the SwingColumbus community to report an incident where they feel their safety (physical or emotional) or the safety of others was threatened. Safer Space incident reports are collected in a private spreadsheet managed by the SwingColumbus Board. We are drafting our policy when an incident regards a board member.

Respect yourself, your dance partner, and everyone around you. If something does not feel "right," speak up.

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