Take the Quiz - Do I have an anxiety Disorder?
​​This quiz is not to be used as a formal diagnosis.
This quiz aims to give you a better understanding of your feelings and emotions.
​ Please always seek medical advice and never take unprescribed medication.
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1. Do you find yourself worrying over nothing in particular?
2. Do you find yourself getting anxious and stressed when there's no reason to be?
3. Do you find that you often worrying over things that'll most likely never happen?
4. Do you ever experience symptoms such as sweating, trembling or heart palpitations?
5. Have you ever had a panic attack?
6. Do you have a habit of double checking things and/or making sure that items line up equally?
7. Do you like things to be ultra clean and/or do you wash your hands more often than usual?
8. Do you struggle with crowds?
9. Would you consider yourself a sociable person?
10. Do you find it difficult to use the phone?
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