Basketball Booking form
Booking form for Trowbridge basketball Club sessions such as Sunday scrimmage, TBL team practice and outdoor sessions.

Booking will be closed 6PM every Saturday for Sunday sessions and Tuesday at 6PM for Team practice.

Bookings made after these times will not be accepted and you will be refunded!

Outdoor basketball 2021


A maximum of 30 bookings will be accepted to adhere to guidelines. Book early to avoid disappointment.

It goes without saying, if you develop symptoms of covid-19 after a session you must inform us immediately. Failure to do so will result in a temporary ban. Do not attend a session if you are showing symptoms of Covid-19.

Showing symptoms?

Self-isolate for 14days and Get a test kit online within 24hrs. Once you have confirmed it is negative you may book onto one of our sessions again.

If tested positive you must let us know immediately so we can contact those that attended the same session.

You may only book one session at at a time unless you have Sunday memebership.

Online Payment will be required to secure your space or you can select pay at venue option.

We encourage you to pay via online link below this helps limit the risk of spreading Covid-19 and allows us to start sessions as promptly as possible.

Payment options can be found at the end of the booking form. You may sign-up for our Sunday Memebership, pay online or select the cash option.


You may recieve a full refund if you develop symptoms of Covid-19 and inform us before your booked session.

If you are turned away at one of our sessions due to a high temperature you will be refund for your session if you pre-paid.


Sunday scrimmage Members are able to book up to 4 sessions in advance. Please make sure you specify the dates you are attending.

Payment is a direct-debit and will be taken the first of each month. Payment can be found at the end of this form. Your booking will not be valid without selecting a payment option.




TBL MEMBERSHIP does not allow you to book 4 session in advance as the memebrship covers you for the TBL season, 3v3 event and All-Star event 2021.

TBL Members will be given priority at these sessions and we will reserve 24 spaces for TBL Players.

Please ensure the information you provide is accurate and true. If you have answered yes to any of the Covid-19 related questions your booking will be rejected to protect you and all of our staff and members.

First Name *
Last Name *
Date of birth (Day/Month/Year) *
Session *
Phone number *
Please specify the date of the session you wish to attend? (BOOK ONE SESSION ONLY) Sunday memebrship allows you to book up to 4 sessions in advance.
Email address *
Have you been in contact with anyone with or suspected of having Covid-19 symptoms in the last 14days? *
Has anyone in your household had symptoms of Covid-19 symptoms in the last two weeks? *
Have you been advised to self-isolate due to an infection within another setting? *
Have you returned from a foreign country with the last 14days, one with travel restrictions which state you must self-isolate? *
If you have traveled to a foreign country in the last 14days please state where below. *
Do you have a new persistent cough? *
Have you had any loss of taste or smell? *
Do you have any underlying health conditions that would put you at further risk should you contract Covid-19?Such as Diabetes, High blood pressure and Obesity(BMI 40+) *
Please specify your payment option below *
Declaration PRINT NAME (By signing below you are agreeing that the information you have provided is accurate from the time you completed this form and you understand that you are responsible for contacting us if any of the above information has changed. You will be rejected entry into the sports hall if a high temperature is detected and you show symptoms of Covid-19(refund may be given for high temperature) Please email if you show any symptoms of covid after any of our sessions, failure to do so may result in a ban from the club) *
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