2017 Annual Giving Campaign Surplus Ideas
Lakeshore's first ever Annual Giving Campaign this year was a success, raising $83,865 in pledged donations over 4 weeks. Our goal was $60,000, so we raised over $23,000 more than we had hoped! In the campaign letter that the PTA sent home, we promised that we would gather ideas from the community as to how to use any surplus that we raised, so please share your thoughts.

You can mark your preferences regarding some ideas we're heard, and/or write in your own ideas at the very bottom. Please first read https://goo.gl/mSPfoV to understand the reasoning behind the ideas that are listed.

This online survey is not a binding vote, but the PTA will take your feedback into consideration for the next budget vote. To cast your official vote, please attend the next PTA meeting that has a budget vote (some time in Spring 2018, watch the Paw Print Press for announcements).

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How do you think we should use the surplus?
Please first review https://goo.gl/mSPfoV for an explanation on why the ideas below are worth spending money on. NOTE: You may mark "agree" or "strongly agree" on more than one item. A vote for "agree" or "strongly agree" simply means that you believe it is worth allocating funds for that item. It does not necessarily mean that 100% of the surplus should be allocated to that item. Example: you can agree with saving a portion of the surplus but also allocating a portion to Motor, a portion to increasing enrichment instructor rates, a portion to Teacher Appreciation, and write in another idea as well.
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Increase food budget for PTA hosted events like PTA meetings, summer playdates, staff appreciation luncheons
Motor Perception for grades 3-5, which do not receive it
Increase budget for speakers to present special parent education topics at PTA meetings
More Science in the Garden for all grades
Increase hourly rate of pool consultants, who all make a flat $50/hour (Yoga, Choral Music, Visual Art, Movement, Afro-Latin drumming)
Increase budget for Teacher Appreciation Week for non-food shows of support (flowers, chair massages, etc)
Add a school-wide picnic at the beginning of the year and cover all costs
More Studio Art for all grades
More Motor Perception for grades K-2, which currently receive it
Increase Class Funds allowance per student
Compile a report on true hourly rate of core consultants (Motor Perception, Studio Art, Science in the Garden) and offer raises that equalize rates
Save it - do not plan to spend it in 2018-19 until we build our savings cushion up
Save it - do not plan to spend it this year in 2017-18 until we build our savings cushion up so we can fully fund K Reso contracts all at once
Make Superhero Saturday free
Other ideas not listed above
Please share any detailed thoughts you have about your above choices, or any other ideas not listed above.
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