ocTEL Expectations Questionnaire
This questionnaire looks at the expectations of those registered to take part in ocTEL (Open Course in Technology Enhanced Learning http://octel.alt.ac.uk). This is part of a wider evaluation of ocTEL. The purpose of the evaluation is to provide feedback to the ocTEL team, and review the extent that intended outcomes are achieved. Other evaluation data will be collected from:
* Weekly polls for all ocTEL participants.
* Three evaluation themed questionnaires sent to members of the ocTEL evaluation panel.
* Website and forum analytics.

This expectations questionnaire should take 5-10 minutes to complete.

All data gathered will be held in accordance with the 1998 Data Protection Act. All data will remain confidential, comments will be anonymised and individual respondents will not be identifiable in resulting reports, unless you indicate otherwise. Findings will be reported to ALT for the purposes of improving ocTEL now and for informing any future cohorts. Findings may also be disseminated via blog posts, presentations, journals or conference papers.

If you have questions or concerns about this study please contact Dr Rachel Harris (rachel@inspire-research.co.uk) or Maren Deepwell (maren.deepwell@alt.ac.uk). For more information see Rachel's blog post about the questionnaire http://octel.alt.ac.uk/your-expectations-of-octel/

By completing this questionnaire, it is inferred that you consent to your data being used as described above.
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About you
Please confirm that you are a registered participant in the ocTEL course *
Where are you based?
Clear selection
Which sector(s) do you work in, or mainly work in?
What is your main professional role?
Clear selection
Experience of TEL, Networks & Approach to learning
Prior to starting ocTEL, how would you describe yourself in terms of experience of
No experience
A little experimentation
Experience of some tools
Extensive experience of a range of tools and/or use in range of settings
Using technology in teaching
Using social media tools for your own learning
Networking using social media
Clear selection
Prior to starting ocTEL, how would you descibe your experience of the following?
No experience
Passive member/participant
Active member/participant
Physical TEL networks (such as ALT)
Online TEL networks or communities
Participating in MOOCs
Clear selection
Which of the following best describes your approach to learning?
Most of the time
I find it easy to prioritise my goals.
I think about what I really need to learn before I begin a learning task.
I am good at organising my time to best accomplish my goals.
I have control over how well I learn.
I am aware of the learning strategies I use.
During learning, I ask myself if I am meeting my goals.
Clear selection
What you hope to achieve
Which of the following themes most fits the big question(s) that you want to address from taking part in ocTEL?              (Please choose two.)
The themes are adapted from Tom Franklin's category analysis of the big questions posed on the ocTEL JiscMail. If your questions don't fit, please add your own theme.
Which of the features of taking part in ocTEL do you think will be most useful to you?
No use
Of some use
Likely to be useful
Likely to be most useful
Networking with peers
Learning in a new way
Experiencing a MOOC
Using social media to support my learning
Learning about a particular topic
Clear selection
Briefly, what would be an ideal outcome for you, from participating in ocTEL?
Your participation in ocTEL
Which of the following best describes the extent that you expect to engage with ocTEL?
I don't expect to engage in this way
For some of the course
Throughout the course.
Set and review goals for myself
Read course materials
Join the webinars
Undertake the activities
Establish connections with other learners
Link connections into my existing personal network
Clear selection
Please outline suggestions for how the ocTEL team could help you to engage with ocTEL.
And, finally...
The ocTEL evaluation panel will be asked to complete three focused questionnaires. If you would like to be a member of the ocTEL evaluation panel, please enter and check your email address below.
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