Batterer Intervention Program Application Form

Futures Without Violence is soliciting recommendations for batterer intervention programs to include in a publication about promising approaches for working with men who batter. The publication is currently funded by the "The Woods" Charitable Foundation and the Office on Violence Against Women.

The purpose of the publication is to share information that will support capacity building and help a broad range of stakeholders improve how they respond to domestic violence. The publication will be disseminated widely as a book at key conferences and meetings related to domestic violence and online through a variety of electronic newsletters, websites and list-serves.

Two categories of programs will be included in the publication:

1) Batterer intervention programs that use research and evaluation to inform, adapt and measure programmatic effectiveness. These are programs that are being consistently implemented and evaluation data are collected and used for ongoing program improvement.

2) Batterer intervention programs that use approaches or strategies that have not been evaluated for effectiveness, but are generally supported by provider experience, research and program measures that track progress.

Roughly eight programs will be featured, representing a wide variety of program types. For programs to be featured in the publication, they must do the following:
- Have a relationship with victims’ services and use input from survivors to inform program
- Hold batterers accountable for their violence
- Show a commitment to ongoing program improvement
- Provide group work on an ongoing basis for an extended period of time

We prefer, but do not require, that programs also do the following:
- Conduct risk assessment
- Engage the broader community in ending domestic violence
- Have a philosophy of change based on the effects of social environment on behavior

A variety of program types will be included, such as military, faith-based, parenting, and trauma-focused programs. Programs that integrate services to address multiple challenges such as mental illness and substance abuse will also be featured. We will not include individual therapy programs.

Recommended programs will be screened via telephone. An advisory group will select the final eight programs based on those screenings. Information on the selected programs will be collected primarily through site visits. Staff will have the opportunity to review the information about their program before publication.

The deadline for program recommendation is May 25th, 2012. The telephone screenings will take place in May and June 2012, and final programs will be selected by July 15th, 2012. Site visits will begin in August 2012. We hope to release the publication in Winter 2013.

Complete this form to submit a recommendation. If you're unable to complete the form in one sitting, feel free to come back to it any time to finish unanswered questions (you will have to remember where you left off as the form won't remember for you). You will be required to include the program name, key contact name and email address each time you return to the form so that Futures Without Violence staff can merge all your attempts into one complete submission.

There are 3 pages total and each time you click the "submit" button at the end, the form will automatically be sent to Futures Without Violence staff.

If you have questions or run into any problems, please contact:

Casey Corcoran
phone: 617.702.2004

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