Summer Daycare and Address Update Form

A Daycare Form is required for students at all grade levels who are transported to or from any location other than their home address. Bus transportation will be provided only in those areas which are eligible for transportation. The district policy on transportation to and from Daycare Sites is:

1) A bus stop will be established within close proximity to the daycare site, usually within 2/10ths of a mile or less, depending on grade level.
2) Your child may be picked up from a bus stop near your home or a bus stop near the daycare site.

Drop off:
For safety and consistency, your child will be dropped off at only one location every day (5 days/week). This means your child will be dropped off at home everyday or at the daycare site everyday, not a combination of two different stops.

We realize that having a consistent drop off point for your child may cause you some inconvenience, but it is necessary to assure your child's safety. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

This form must be completed and returned to school in order to assure that your child will be assigned to a school bus route. The form should be submitted by August 1 or sooner. Should it be necessary to change your daycare, the transportation department may need up to 5 school days to start a new stop for a daycare pick up or drop off.

Please complete all pertinent sections.

Thank you!

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