Project Engage NJ Instructor Application
Thank you for your interest in Project Engage NJ! Any high school student is welcome to apply, as long as they have a desire to share the enjoyment of learning. As an instructor, you will have the freedom to teach any topic you feel passionate about to a group of young students. By teaching, you have the power to inspire and support their young minds and give back to your community. We award community service hours for any time you spend teaching or planning.

Please carefully answer the questions below to instruct classes.

The board of directors will go through a reviewing process and select instructors we feel most closely align with our mission. Visit our website, to read our mission and learn more about us!

**Registration for the April-June session has closed. Registration is now open for teaching in the June-July session, which is a B session.**

For information on A/B Sessions:
If you have any questions we're here to help support you at
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