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In order for us to best help you with your most pressing business challenges and concerns, we need to learn more about your company. Then, collaboratively with you, we can arrive at our first rough estimate of what needs to be done. To help you with finding answers and long-term solutions, we prepared a short survey for you
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Please go through the survey and add the first thing that comes to mind. There is no need to spend a lot of time on this; you know why you are here, and we are here to help
1. How does your company earn money? *
i.e., your business model and daily activities
2. Company Size *
3. What is your main sales channel? *
4. Do you have specific company goals reflected in this project? What is your top priority this year? *
e.g., 50% sales increase, open a new branch office, improve financial processes, etc.
5. What is the main business problem, bottleneck, or challenge you are currently struggling with? *
e.g., purchase process takes too long, profit and loss cannot be accurately estimated, too much disorganization
6. Have you thought of potential solutions to solve the problem? What did you come up with so far? *
e.g., hiring more workers to process orders faster, automating accounting processes to avoid mistakes, etc.
7. What ERPs, software, or accounting tools do you use now? *
e.g., Xero, Magento website, Excel, etc.
8. Do you have a budget set aside for this project, what is the amount or expected range? *
At least expectations, USD/EUR
9. Do you have a deadline in mind?
10. Is any integration with other systems or hardware required? *
e.g., local accounting software, barcode scanners, labels printers, etc.
11. Which Odoo version do you use (going to use)? *
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