The Undergraduate Work-Study Research Initiative: Faculty Facilitator Self-Nomination
The Undergraduate Work-Study Research Initiative (WSRI) has a primary incentive to create meaningful research opportunities for work-study students, who, by definition, have financial need. The primary goal of WSRI is to allow students to become active members of a research lab and conduct relevant research while being supported financially and build a sense of belonging.

A vital program element is faculty facilitators who will support both students in work-study positions and their faculty mentors (PIs). We envision three facilitators, one from each of these areas: Biomedical Sciences (MCD, METX, CHEM), Physical Sciences (PHYS, MATH, ASTR, CHEM, EPS), Environmental Sciences (EEB, OS, EPS, METX) who have had prior experience working with and mentoring work-study students in their labs. To help foster community among the work-study researchers, these facilitators will lead one meeting per quarter to bring together student researchers for socializing, community building activities, and mentoring. In addition, these facilitators will lead one meeting per quarter with faculty PIs to support their mentoring efforts.The faculty facilitators will receive a stipend of $2K.

This appointment will begin Summer 2021 through Spring 2022. Summer commitment is minimal given that work-study jobs start Fall and remain active through spring.
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