The Student Senate is a student, a leadership organization that values teamwork, a good work ethic, and a positive attitude. The organization is currently seeking a 1st year representative, who will serve a 2-year commitment, from each state within District III. This student needs to be dedicated, motivated, reliable, ethical and have a strong desire to collaborate within a leadership group. We are asking that you speak on the applicant's character, work ethic, and leadership abilities as it relates to an organization that strives to support the future athletic trainers. Please complete by October 1st, 2023. 

Please ensure that you are not a close friend or family to the applicant.
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Part 2: Questions
These questions are designed for the Student Senate to get to know the applicant on a personal and professional level. Please base your responses on the applicant's character and how they work in a professional environment.
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The student senate is a professional organization that works together as a team in a virtual manner to plan educational programming for other students in our District. We value a good work ethic, a positive attitude, and flexibility in any situation. Knowing this, why would this student be a good fit for the Student Senate? *
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