SAT, Wonderlic, and GPA
I'm attempting to show that the Wonderlic test — a 12-minute, 50-question test of problem-solving skills — is just as accurate as the SAT (or ACT) when it comes to predicting college success. Through the power of the Internet, I've been able to acquire the SAT scores, Wonderlic scores, and college GPAs for a handful of professional football players. But it's not enough. I need more data.

That's where you come in.

If you know your SAT (or ACT) score and your college GPA, then visit the site below to determine your Wonderlic score. It takes less than four minutes to complete the test.

Then enter all three pieces of data below. (Don't worry, I promise that this information will be kept strictly confidential.) You can also enter an email address, if you'd like to be updated when I complete the analysis.

For more information about what I'm doing and why, visit&hellip;

I will collect data through Wednesday, January&nbsp;30, and I will post the results prior to kick-off on Super Bowl Sunday.

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