Digital Human Library & TeachSDGs Partnership: We Need Your Help!
Digital Human Library is proud to announce our new partnership with TeachSDGs! Our work together will create opportunities for K-12 students to connect with organizations and Experts around each of the seventeen sustainable development goals.

SECTION 1: Please choose a sustainable development goal, and then list the organizations you know who are responding to that goal in education. You will be given the opportunity to repeat this process for up to 10 SDGs. These questions in this section are not mandatory so you can provide information for as few or as many as you like. When you are done, scroll down and continue on to the next section.

SECTION 2: Do you have SDG expertise? If you are interested in joining Digital Human library as a TeachSDG Expert, you will have a chance to tell us about your experience and provide your contact information so we may continue the conversation.

Our intent with this survey is to build a list of organizations for each sustainable development goal. The team at Digital Human Library will then begin the process of reaching out to these organizations and inviting them to join Digital Human Library for the purpose of connecting with K-12 students. Our goal over the next 5 weeks is to curate a TeachSDGs Catalogue of Experts at Digital Human Library available for K-12 teacher use.

If you have any questions, please contact Leigh Cassell: or Jennifer Williams:

Thank you for your time and your valuable contributions to this initiative. Your feedback will help build relationships between organizations dedicated to TeachSDGs and K-12 students.

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