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Guys and Dolls
Biography Requirements
DUE: February 22, 2019

Your biography is an important part of the show program. Here are some guidelines:

• Please write in the third person, as if someone else is writing about you. If you want to include a personal statement, please put it at the end.
• The first sentence of the bio should start with your full name in bold followed by your role in parentheses. How you write your name is how it will appear everywhere in the program (cast list, etc.). So if you prefer Robert or Bob, this is where you let us know.
• Each bio should be about 100 to 120 words long. Please count the words! It's okay if it's shorter, but if it’s too long, it will be edited.
• Show names are in italics with no quotes.
• Avoid abbreviations. Write “Owen J. Roberts High School” instead of “OJR,” for instance.
• Be serious or be funny—your choice. Humor and the occasional inside joke make a good bio, but don’t go overboard.

Anne Abernathy (Mary) Anne is a Seaforth native, whose theater experiences include the role of Melissa in Love Letters and small roles in My Fair Lady and Children of Eden; and she proudly portrayed Max, the dog, in How the Grinch Stole Christmas. When she’s not acting (or crawling around the stage on all fours), Anne enjoys writing, dancing and graphic design.

John Smith (Actor #1) has been performing for local audiences for the last five years, having won several awards including a “Best Actor” prize for his portrayal of Richard Lionheart in The Lion in Winter at the Twin Rivers Theatre in Wisconsin. Among his favorite roles: Demetrius in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Ben Benjamin in God’s Favorite and Huck Finn in Big River. He would like to thank his parents for their support.

John Smith (Actor #1) makes his debut on this stage. He has never performed before this production, but has really enjoyed the experience. He enjoys singing and dancing and has found the challenge of a live show thrilling. He would like to thank the theatre family for welcoming him and hopes to learn more about acting in future shows.

Please fill out this form by February 22. Any questions contact Tracy Rasmussen at

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