REGISTER YOUR LYMAN BOAT and/or ANTIQUE BOAT to attend Lymans coming home!- The 90th Anniversary of the Lyman Boat Works in Sandusky, Ohio -a featured attraction at the Progressive Cedar Point Boat Show
Attend Lyman’s coming home! The 90th Anniversary of the Lyman Boat Works in Sandusky, a featured attraction at this year’s Progressive Cedar Point Boat Show

Lyman Boats, Lake Erie, and Sandusky are forever interwoven. This year, the Progressive Cedar Point Boat Show will include a feature attraction, the LYMAN 90 CELEBRATION.

It will showcase a Lyman Boat Works historical museum, a Lyman boat from each of the 9 decades, other Lymans on land and in-water offering boat rides, the Lyman Boat Beer Works and Lyman Life clothing and accessories.

Tom Koroknay, aka Doc Lyman, the owner of Lyman Boats LLC, and the preeminent Lyman historian, will be displaying artifacts from the original Lyman Boat Works and bringing to the show items from the factory that have never before been on display.

If that’s not enough nostalgia, the traditional Toledo Antique and Classic Boat Show will also be held at the Cedar Point show this year. Overall, this is a partnership between the Lake Erie Marine Trades Association, Lyman Boats LLC, Ramsey Brothers Restorations, the Toledo Antique and Classic Boat Show, the Lake Erie Lyman Group , Lyman Boat Beer Works and Lyman Life. The Lyman Boat Beer Works will be featured as the Beer of the Show.

To add to this special celebration, want to have many Lyman Boats on display and some even available for demo rides to the public. If you want to participate, or want more information, here’s how:

Please fill out the application below for a chance to have your boat in the show!
Dates are Aug. 22, 23, 24, 25.
This will be THE LYMAN CELEBRATION of the century!

If your boat is selected to be in the show, the fee will only be $35. However, you will receive two (4 day) passes for admission to the show and free parking. (a $160 value)

This is a 4 day boat show featuring all the newest and greatest boats alongside the beautiful Lymans.
The special feature within the show will include:
• Lyman boats on land and in water
• Lyman boat rides for the public attendees
• Lyman historical museum with never before seen items from The Lyman Boat Works
• Lyman historical presentations
• Lyman Boat Beer Works on site
• Lyman Life apparel and accessories on site
• 90th anniversary t-shirts of Lyman in Sandusky for all registrants

Food vendors and bar on site the show all 4 days

Over 200 new boats at the show

Partner hotels with special discounts

Reserve your space at the show by July 19th, 2019!
Do not miss the biggest Lyman celebration ever as we welcome home LYMANS from around the country to the waters of the Sandusky Bay!


There is a boat ramp at the show to launch
The ONLY fee is the $35 registration fee. There are no additional dock fees.

Questions? Contact or call 440-899-5009
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