SOSD Christmas Gift for a Cause
Christmas is the season of giving – what better opportunity to give back to the ones who need it most?

Are you Christmas shopping for your loved ones? Instead of buying something that they might not need, which might end up tucked away in the store room for years, why not consider giving the gift of life?

For as little as $20, your gift would help vaccinate a dog against a potentially fatal illness for a year. For $50, you can help to provide food for 17 dogs for a day. For $100, we’re able to run a much needed blood test, to determine if the dog is severely unwell, and would require more intensive care.

With over 400 dogs under our care, we hope you can share the Christmas joy with SOSD's rescued dogs.
Gift for a Cause will make a special gift not only for your loved ones, but also the animals who need it most.

After you’ve placed the order, we will send via snail mail a postcard which you can present to your loved one. Please place the order at least 7 working days in advance, to ensure it arrives in your mailbox in time. You can also opt for an e-card, the paperless option.

Thank you so much for your support! For query, please email us at

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All payments are to be made to SOSD’s OCBC account 689-293-256-001.

Thank you!

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