Picture the Books Survey
Dear Teachers, Librarians, and Book Sellers,
Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions for Picture the Books!
Picture the Books is a group of 2017 debut picture book authors and illustrators.
As the members of Picture the Books begin to launch our individual and collective promotion efforts for our first books, we'd love to learn what resources and/or activities would be most useful for you -- both online and in person.
For all survey questions, please check all answers that apply.
Thank you for your feedback!
1) I am a:
2) Important information I need to know about an author/illustrator:
3) What additional information would be useful to learn about an author/illustrator?
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4) Important information I need to know about a picture book before using it in class:
5) These resources would be useful to me:
6) Oh! You know what else would be useful from debut picture book authors/illustrators? This:
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7) I have the following feedback on the Picture the Books website: https://picturethebooks2017.wordpress.com/
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8) Here are some comments, suggestions or questions for the 2017 debut Picture the Books team:
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