2018 Volunteer Application Form - QCESC Engineering Kids Camp
The non-profit Quad City Engineering and Science Council (QCESC) is seeking 16 volunteers/day to support the 10th annual Engineering Kids Camp.

The event is being held on July 23 - July 27 (five, one day camps) at the Putnam Museum and Science Center in Davenport with capacity for 450 kids total with the schedule:
* July 23 is grades 4-6th (co-ed)
* July 24 is grades 4-6 (co-ed)
* July 25 is grades 2-3rd (co-ed)
* July 26 is grades 4-8th - Girls only (male and female volunteers needed)
* July 27 is grades 6-8th (co-ed)

No previous experience is required - just a desire to have fun and work with and inspire children.

Please note that there are four volunteering roles available:

* Activity Assistant (6 people per day): Assist with the hands-on activities with minimum preparation required ahead of the event. Assistants will travel with the same students to each of the three activities.

* Activity Assistant Coordinator (3 people per day): Same responsibilities outlined above for activity assistant plus coordinate the movement of students and volunteers between the various locations and activities. Limited preparation

* Co-Lead for Activity (3 people per day): Co-Leader for Hands-On Activity with Iowa State Student Leader. This role will require a few hours of preparation ahead of the session. Will remain with the same activity all day.

Here is a link that shows the current volunteer openings by day and role.

* 1 photographer will be required for each day and must provide own DSLR camera.

Volunteers will be provided a lunch, and a fun experience of supporting our local youth. The event will be lead by students from Iowa State University College of Engineering.

The camp will include hands on three hand-on activities including LEGO robotics (NXT) with challenges for various student experience levels and will include a movie.

Everyone that registers to be a volunteer will be notified by by July 9 providing them details on their assignment. Depending on the number of people that register to be volunteers, not all people that register may be able to be utilized. Your chances of being selected are best if you register early to be a volunteer. We will continued to accept volunteers until we have filled up all of the portions for the five camps.

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Co-Lead for Hands-On Activity with Iowa State Student (requireds several hours prep) - 3 people per day
Activity Assistant Coordinator - Minimum prep  - travel with students - 3 per day
Assistant for Hands-On Activity - Minimum prep ahead of event - 9 people per day
Photographer/Video 1 people per day
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