LeanBiz 3 month starter pack
Become a Lean Business with smart tools to save money and time! Get your own HR staff, admin staff, dispatcher, analyst, part timer all for RM90 per month. Be lean and pay less for more.

With our 3 month starter pack, you don't need the hassle of hiring dedicated staff to worry about HR, admin, dispatch, payroll and the pantry.

You will be enjoying the following benefits all for RM90 per month:
1. Ability to hire Quality Gen Ys: 1 job posting on WOBB for 3 months - worth RM350

2. Senior dispatcher and trained part-time helpers to send documents, products, flyers and more: 9 job postings on GoGet for 3 months - worth RM180

3. Dedicated virtual SupaAgents to help with operations, customer support, sales and more: 18 Hands (additional 2 Hands for new users) equivalent to 360 minutes on Supahands - worth RM108

4. Reduce painstaking paper forms hassles for HR operations – from leave to employee database to benefits and payroll – a special discount on annual payroll package with Kakitangan.com – worth RM200

5. Fresh produce and groceries to stock up your pantry: 2 pantry bundles delivered to your office from Freshcart - worth RM100

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