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NOTE: Minor requests vs. Major request
A minor request is something that I can modify quickly and easily without requiring an entire WIP, like adding a smile, changing the eye shape or adding a line. The first 3 edits of this nature are included for no charge. Additional edits will be quoted accordingly.

A major request is anything that involves me erasing body parts (such as an arm, leg or entire head) and redrawing them. In cases where nothing works, I offer one free full sketch revision. Additional edits will be quoted accordingly.

NOTE: The coloring process
Please note that coloring is a gradual process that I tackle in a variety of ways. I do not accept color edit requests until the end. The only exception is when a detail is a completely different family of color (For example, if I drew a pink tongue but the tongue should be blue, please let me know.)

All colors are selected intentionally and with purpose, with many variables in mind. Colors that are in the appropriate color families but 'too light/too dark/too tinted/too ____' will not be edited due to the nature of this process - I am happy to withhold WIP's during this stage for those who will be unable to allow the piece to form and grow naturally and wait for the final result.

Input your edits below
Please group your edits by what they pertain to. If you need to edit more than 3 areas, please complete the form and submit a new edit request.
Edit #1
Example: HAIR: Make it longer and wavier, change the color to blue.
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Edit #2
Example: EYES: Angrier, slitted pupils
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Edit #3
Example: BACKGROUND: Add a castle far off in the distance
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