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Every kid deserves a chance to be a hero!

At Plato Learning we believe there is a hero within every child. Our aim is to give kids the opportunity to discover their best selves, regardless of the price of camp. Every season we award a modest number of free weeks of camp through our scholarship program.

To apply for scholarship to any Plato Learning summer program, please complete the following application. If you have any questions or issues, please reach out to info@plato-learning.

Thank you, we look forward to reviewing your submission!

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What is your preferred camp week for Summer 2018? Please list your top three choices in order of preference.* Please note, we will do our best to offer you your first choice, but we cannot guarantee the availability of any session.
*PLEASE NOTE: Double-Daring Camp is NOT in session the week of June 18.

Also, Camp Half-Blood North is NOT in session the weeks of June 18, June 25, or July 2.

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Camper Artistic Submission Instructions
For all Plato Learning scholarships, we ask that the camper submit a piece that demonstrates their interest and excitement in the camp they are applying for. Please read the instructions for details on each program's requirements.

The Double-Daring Camp for Girls (all locations):
1. Create a vision board depicting your idea of a daring summer. 2. Record a Video of yourself explaining your vision board. 3. Email your video to by May 15.

Camp Half-Blood (all locations):
Demigods seeking a scholarship should send us a photo or video entry which tells us a heroic tale, or shows us a mythology inspired work of art. This can be a drawing or painting of your favorite myth, a video of you telling us the story of your number 1 hero, or of a sculpture you made of a god/goddess. Feel free to make this your own and let your heroic creativity flow! Video submissions should not exceed 2 minutes in length. Submissions should be sent to with the subject line "Camp Half-Blood Scholarship Submission" by May 15.

Camp Jupiter:
Demigods seeking a scholarship for a week at Camp Jupiter should submit a photo or video entry showcasing a unique craft of their own design. This can be a suit of armor, a new personalized weapon, a diagram of machine, or a real working construct. Video submissions should not exceed 2 minutes in length. Submissions should be sent to "Camp Half-Blood Scholarship Submission" by May 15.

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