2017 Social Justice Retreat Application Form
General Information:
The Social Justice Retreat will be:
Friday, November 30th at 12pm from Lake Lot 1 - Sunday, December 2nd departing from Wonder Valley at 6pm

About the Retreat:
The annual Social Justice Retreat is held each fall semester and is open to all undergraduate students who are interested in learning about, as well as those who are looking for opportunities to further their understanding of social justice, exploration of one's identities, and engaging in equity work.

What is the Social Justice Leadership Retreat?
Social Justice Initiatives Retreat takes approximately 20 students with student/staff facilitators away from campus for three days and two nights of amazing activities, coalition building and collective healing. After arriving mid-afternoon on day one, the group spends time developing trust and relationships in small groups with facilitators, as well as participating in large-group activities.

The following two days are used to facilitate a journey for each student in exploring their own identities, sharing their personal narratives in their small group, listening to the personal stories of others, and attending training sessions on privilege, understanding personal identities, and what all of this means in leadership. Twelve (12) successful retreats have taken place since January 2005.

The Social Justice Leadership Retreat is designed to help educate students about the concepts of social justice and community leadership through exploration of their own identities, the stories of others, and issues of oppression and privilege, as well as developing contacts and support networks across campus and skills to be an advocates for social justice and equity.

Through exposure to theory and extensive experiential learning situations, students will accomplish the following:
• Gain new knowledge around social justice issues
• Sharpen skills of self-awareness
• Learn how to integrate what they gain from the retreat into their lives

What is included at the retreat?
- Round-trip transportation to and from the retreat location
- All meals
- Comfortable lodging
- A learning experience you won’t forget!

How can I participate?
Complete this online application and submit. You application will be reviewed and once confirmed, you will need to provide a $20 deposit to the front desk of the Office of Student Life (Granite Pass 163) by Friday, November 00, 2018 by 5pm.

All deposits will be returned after the retreat; if, however, you do not arrive in time to be on the bus, your deposit will not be returned.

NOTE: First-time retreat applicants will have priority in the selection process. Also, it is advisable as you fill out the application to take your time and deeply reflect on your responses for certain questions. Note that this will be reviewed to ensure that you are willing to engage with the process and learn throughout the weekend.

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