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Vision Training
Vision Training
What is your project name?
Unicorns vs Narhwals
What are your Clarifai.com keys?
Paste API Key here
How to get guide
Sign up and get keys
What categories should your model have?
Add Category
Categories are groups of things your model will try to tell the difference between. Remember, it can only learn what you give it!
animals, like cats vs dogs
objects, like cups vs jars
expressions, like happy vs sad
Train Model
Why is it taking forever?
Upload an image to test your model
Drag and drop one image
Play with the model in Codelab
Explore Vision Models
Explore your Models
Select an existing project
These are projects you have already trained. Unfortunately these cannot be modified once they are created.
Choose Project
Drop images here, or click to choose
(Play) with the model in Codelab
Text training
What are your Uclassify.com keys?
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Set Key
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Paste Username here
Set Username
Type in a phrase to test your model
Paste the name of an existing project
Select project
Doodle model
Train a
Doodle model
Doodle Classifier on 100 classes from Quickdraw dataset
General Website Text
Cognimates is a project started at
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