Findpet for shelters tag program
Findpet is the smart pet registry for responsible pet parents with advanced biometric identification tools to protect your pet and automate lost pet search.

Findpet offers Findpet or your shelter-branded pet tags as a part of an additional protection layer for pets. Findpet is the only solution that offers triple-layer protection for pets:
1) Free pet microchip registry (AAHA's Lookup tool searchable)
2) Findpet ID tag with QR code to enable quick pet identification using mobile phone
3) Advanced biometric pet protection tools like full-body pet recognition, including face, front, sides, top, back, and pet’s unique identifying markings, fur, and color patterns. This enables automated photo-search and pet alerts in case the pet is not microchipped, there is no microchip scanner or the tag is lost.
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