Lecturer Survey
for Mafrikhul Muttaqin, Plant Phyisiology and Genetics Division, Department of Biology, Bogor Agricultural University.
Contact: mafrikhul.bio@apps.ipb.ac.id
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Contoh: Ganjil/2015-2016
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Contoh: 50/Biology
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Rating: 1 = rarely 2 = once in a while 3 = sometimes 4 = most of the time 5 = almost always
Teacher is prepared for class
Teacher is organized and neat
Teacher manages the time well
Teacher is creative in developing activities
Teacher encourages students to speak up and be active
Teacher listens & understand student point of view
Teacher respects the opinions and decisions of student
Teacher is willing to learn from student
Teacher speaks is clear and understandable
Teacher is fair and firm in discipline without being too strict
I trust this teacher
What is one thing that your teacher does well?
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What is one thing that you can suggest to help this teacher improve?
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