dB-SERC workshop/seminar March 19

When: Thursday, March 19
Where: William Pitt Union - Kurtzman Room
Presenter: Dr. Kathleen Harper, The Ohio State University

Workshop: Improving students' problem solving and critical thinking skills
STEM instructors often struggle with getting their students to approach problem solving and critical thinking situations more expertly. Fortunately, a large body of research on how experts and novices solve problems has inspired many new types of classroom activities to help students develop more expert-like behavior. In this session, participants will learn about some major results of the expert-novice research and discuss their implications for STEM instruction. They will also examine several examples of alternative problem types, and explore how their use an aid the development of reasoning and metacognitive skills in students. There will also be some time to begin creating new activities for use in their own classes.

Seminar: Using the Flipped Classroom Approach to Teach Large Introductory Classes
The past decade has seen significant growth in the amount of discipline-based educational research taking place in STEM fields. Many of the elements that have been shown to be effective in STEM classrooms fit well into an inverted, or “flipped” classroom approach. This seminar will motivate the rationale behind this approach and also discuss strategies for the design and implementation of an inverted classroom approach to teaching a first-year large enrollment course. Some examples of other research-based curricular elements that can fit well in the inverted framework will also be discussed. Finally, I will share lessons learned from using the flipped approach to teach a fundamentals of engineering sequence at the Ohio State University.

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