Match Incident Report Form
Note: This form repeats to allow for multiple instances. If no (more) incidents to report, you can close the window.

When completing the incident report, keep in mind the following:

1. State the facts of the foul play - not your opinion.

2. Be clear about the circumstances surrounding the reason for the card. For example, "the blue player struck the red player with a closed fist in the side of the face."

3. To the extent possible, give information on the result of the foul play. For example, "the red team replaced their normal kicker due to blue's foul play, and his replacement struggled and the team missed opportunities for points."

4. Provide specific, concise information on the foul play - where on the field did the offense occur? Was the the offense committed in open play, tackle/ruck, maul, scrum, lineout? How far from the play were you? Was your view unobstructed? Was there an injury?

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Rugby Colorado administers all youth and high school matches. Please be aware of the sanctioning body for the match. This controls how disciplinary committees carry out their reviews of incidents.
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