Ganesha Sadhana Application
Thank you for taking the time to fill out this application. This process is to help determine that this program is the right step at the right time in your journey. Having a ground of appropriate experience will enhance the benefits of the practices, as well as making sure the process is digestible and able to be integrated, 

After your application is reviewed , Nita will respond to your application. Upon approval to enter the program, registration links will be shared to move forward with reserving your space.
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Have you studied previously with Nita? If so, which practices have you done and for how long? *
Please describe any previous experience in consciousness work from any modality you feel qualifies. Short, vague answers are not enough to be able to determine if qualifications are met. Please answer with a full description of the prior experience you have had. For example, if you write Kundalini Yoga- Nita will want to know how long you have studied, etc..
Have you had prior experience or are currently studying traditional/classical Tantra ? Please note the distinction of Classical Tantra and Neo-tantra. This question is for Classical/traditional Tantra. 
Are you able to commit to a daily practice of 20-30 minutes?
Do you have other support methods for engaging in deep self-inquiry to help integrate and process? 
While this course offers many resources and tools, it is important to understand this is not therapy or a therapeutic process. The aim of this course does not provide therapeutic, medical , or any type of diagnosis. These practices are for spiritual endeavors. I agree to seek out support from a qualified healthcare provider if the need arises.
Due to the nature of lineage and how it flows, the practices, documents and teachings are for your deeply personal practice only. Do you understand that taking this course does not authorize you to teach or share contents of the course? *
I understand and agree to the financial policy that there are no credits or refunds tuition due to the space I have reserved that cannot be filled once the program commences
Is there anything else that you would like Nita to know?
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