Environmental Education Request Form
Rock Creek Conservancy’s (RCC) environmental education program provides place-based, hands-on educational opportunities for preK-12 students in the Rock Creek watershed and its tributaries.

Designed to meet NGSS, MD and DC environmental literacy standards, our age-appropriate programs are 50 minutes long, but can be tailored to your needs to teach about human impacts, ecological systems focusing on:

• Watersheds
• Stormwater Pollution
• Invasive Exotic vs. Native Plants

Program Fees
$5.00 per student ($75 minimum)

Maximum 25 students per session; multiple sessions are available for larger groups; scholarships available

Rock Creek Conservancy encourages groups seeking education to form youth stream teams (including two trash clean-ups, invasive exotic plant removals, or other action projects a year). Action projects can align with a meaningful watershed educational experience for your class.

If you are excited about becoming a part of the program please fill out our Youth Stream Guidelines and Leader Application: https://goo.gl/forms/WbLyKzc57RgDmDmE2.

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