Buffalo Mutual Aid "Offer Support" Volunteer Form
This offer support form is for individuals who live in the Greater Buffalo-Niagara Falls Metropolitan Area to volunteer with the Buffalo Mutual Aid Network found here.

For Counselors, Social Workers, Mental Health Professionals, Clergy Members or those who wish to offer emotional/psychological/spiritual support please fill out the form for our sister group Buffalo Peer Wellbeing Community.

We are accepting volunteers for a variety of roles, primarily at the moment we are asking volunteers to help deliver bulk orders and shop for groceries and deliver them directly to individual families.

For a complete list of resources from the Buffalo Mutual Aid Network, visit https://bit.ly/BMANresources
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(Helpful for reimbursement for grocery shopping)
Which neighborhood best describes where you live?
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What role best defines what you are willing to volunteer for? *
For the next two weeks, what days are you available to volunteer 1-2 hours?
For the next two weeks on the days you indicated GENERALLY what times of day are you most available?
How often are you willing to make shopping trips?
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Do you have access to a reliable vehicle?
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Where are you comfortable delivering food?
What is your preferred method of contact?
Do you agree to trust that each person making a request knows their own needs and agree to make deliveries without judgement? *
Are you willing to donate a portion of the groceries / supplies that you purchase?
We want to ensure that those who want to provide mutual aid do not face undue burden and we absolutely do not expect you to spend money if you are financially limited.
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Our procedure for shoppers requires 5-7 business days for reimbursement by check in the mail, are you comfortable with this arrangement?
(Average grocery bill per volunteer is $75-$100)
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Any special skills you think we should know about?
Comments, Questions or Concerns?
How did you find out about the Buffalo Mutual Aid Network?
Are you part of our Facebook group?
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What languages do you speak? Are you able to help us translate writing? Could you interpret a conversation in person or by phone?
This includes spoken and/or sign languages.
Can we keep your contact information on an external list to be shared if non-profits may be in need of volunteers?
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