Off the Shelf Farm Lamb Boxes
Thanks for your interest in our 2021 100% grassfed Whole and Half Lamb Boxes.

As you most likely already know, our lambs are rotated daily through various pastures in New Marlborough and Great Barrington. This encourages healthy and fat lambs, and supports grass and forage growth. Our lambs are 100% grassfed - which means no corn, no soy, ever. We pride ourselves in giving our lambs a forage-abundant, stress-free life from start to finish. Many folks can taste the difference, and for many it has become "the only lamb I'll ever eat again".

Here is roughly what is included in a Half Box, Whole Lamb boxes are about double.
Half Lamb Box:
-6 rib chops or 1 rack of lamb
-6 loin chops
-1 bone in leg roast
-1/2 lamb neck
-2 lamb shanks
-1 pack soup bones
-3-4lbs ground lamb or 1 bone-in shoulder roast
-2-3lbs stew meat
-Heart, Liver, Kidney

To reserve a Half of Whole Lamb Box, please pre-order with this form, pay a $100 deposit, and when your lamb is ready we will coordinate a pickup time for you to collect your meat. Box pickups will be scattered throughout October, November, and December. Boxes are not considered reserved until the deposit is received.

Once you sign up and I've received your deposit, I will confirm with an email. It may take me a few days to email you...we are farming full time and usually only get to the computer a few times a week.

Please don't hesitate to email with any questions,

Thank you as always for supporting our farm!

-Anna & Rob
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