Teen Advisory Board Application
If you are in grades 6-12 and are interested in participating in the Warrenton Community Library (WCL) Teen Advisory Board (TAB) please fill out this application. Thank you for your interest. Someone from the library will contact you soon about your application.
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Do you have any specific talents or skills you think would be useful as a member of the TAB? *
What do you want to see as far as services and programming for the teen zone at WCL? *
Will you be able to attend monthly meetings? *
The Library will sometimes photograph events and activities to promote its services. May we have your permission to photograph you along with Library Staff if you are volunteering at any of these times? (Saying “no” does not keep you from participating in TAB.) *
The Library will use the personal information you provide solely to assist us in determining the best use of your skills.I understand that I will not hold WCL, its employees, directors, or funding agencies responsible for any injury while working as a volunteer. Please print your name below and the date. *
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