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This session 2019 in the Choralies will be welcoming many singers. However, to guarantee a homogeneous musical level, we require the applicants to provide a sample recording of their singing voice. Recordings do not have to be professional, and certainly not use autotune... You are also asked to upload a picture, and optionnaly letters of support by choral organisations and/or by your teachers/conductors, etc.
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You are required to upload a set of document so we can assess your candidature. Connect to to upload.Please clearly name your files with LastName_FirstName_filecontent (ex: Weinberg_Yuval_scales.mp3). | Tick the box when uploaded.
Data Protection
The data in this form is collected by the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat (ECA-EC) for the purpose of constituting the EuroChoir 2019. The data will be shared with the selection committee (representatives of ECA-EC, conductor) to allow them to choose the applicants accepted in the choir.
The data of the selected candidates will then be shared with "A Coeur Joie France", the organiser of the session, to be entered in their own registration system for the participation to the Choralies Festival. This data will also be kept for communication and evaluation purposes beyond the end of the project. The participants will be added to an alumni list maintained by the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat
You can request a copy of the data the European Choral Association collected, ask for changes or for its deletion. by contacting us at

European Choral Association - Europa Cantat
Weberstrasse 59a
DE 53113 Bonn
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