Hydrophone Network survey
Thank you for listening for the whales. We'd love your feedback about the last decade of the Salish Sea Hydrophone Network as well as your envision of what it could become in its second 10 years.

Please fill this quick survey and let us know your thoughts (your answers will be anonymous).
How satisfied are you with the Hydrophone Network? *
How much do you use the Hydrophone Network? *
Describe the best experience you've had through the Hydrophone Network, if any.
If you've had a bad experience with the Hydrophone Network, please describe it.
How satisfied are you with these aspects of the Hydrophone Network? *
1 = Very dissatisfied 5 = Very satisfied
Haven't used it
Never heard of it
Live listening
Recordings & analysis of them
Citizen science projects
Ability to email Network when you hear something
Web-form for reporting a detection
Emails from Network about listening opportunities
Sound tutor at orcasound.net
Listening log at orcasound.net
Seattle Aquarium listening kiosk (orcasound.net/sakiosk)
Port Townsend listening station (listen.orcasound.net)
Whale museum exhibits
Lime Kiln visitor center exhibit (next to parking lot)
Lime Kiln lighthouse facilities
Feedback about any of these aspects?
How do you feel about these new ideas for the Hydrophone Network? *
Not interested
No opinion
I don't get the idea
New web site for listening, learning, and reporting
A mobile app for listening, learning, and reporting
Texts about listening opportunities
More citizen science projects
Expand to new locations
Webcams to contextualize listening
New or improved exhibits
Vessel noise monitoring & research
Integration with oil spill prevention & response
Other ideas about how the Hydrophone Network could be improved in the next decade?
Where would you most like us to deploy a new hydrophone?
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