NashiCon 2018 Artists Alley Application
By applying for NashiCon's Artists Alley, you agree that you have read the rules in full, and accept that breaking any of these rules is grounds for removal from NashiCon's Artists Alley.

This application will remain open from December 1st to December 31st. No applications will be accepted after the deadline.

We will be sending out the first wave of acceptance e-mails in January 2018.

This year the Artists Alley will be located in the Exhibit Hall, adjacent to the Dealers area. If you would rather have a Dealers area booth, please fill out that application instead.

Thanks for your interest!

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NashiCon Artists Alley tables are $70. This includes one (1) table, two (2) chairs, and two (2) artist badges. Additional artist badges may be purchased for $30 each, limited to two (2) extras. By filling out this application, you acknowledge that you have read this. *
NashiCon's policy against stolen artwork and use of logos/licensed images without permission is strict. If NashiCon artists alley staff determines that any of my items violate the rules, I will remove them immediately without question. *
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