DD Accelerator Programme 🚀
Thanks for your interest in applying to The Deen Developers Accelerator Programme.

Please make sure to finish this application in one sitting and hit the submit button at the end of the application, otherwise your information will not be saved. If you’d like more information and more details on the programme, head over to www.deendevelopers.com/accelerator.

If you have any questions or trouble filling in this form, please contact us at team@deendevelopers.com.

Application Deadline: 9th August 2021 @ 11:59pm ⏰

This form will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.
This section is to learn a little bit about you and your co-founders.
1a. What is your full name? *
1b. What is your personal email address? *
1c. What country/city are you currently living in? *
1d. What is your LinkedIn URL? *
If you don't have a LinkedIn, write N/A and email us your CV at team@deendevelopers.com quoting your full name in the subject line.
1e. What is your contact number? *
1f. How many co-founders do you have? *
1g. Please list the Linkedin URLs (if any) and personal email addresses of your co-founders. *
If you are a solo founder, write N/A.
1h. Where did you hear about The Deen Developers Accelerator Programme? 🔈 *
1i. Are you part of the Deen Developers Slack Community? *
1j. Have you previously attended a Deen Developers hackathon? *
This section is to learn more about your idea/product and to better understand the problem and the solution you're working on.
2a. What is the name of your organisation? *
This can be the name of your product or the name you've given to your idea if it hasn't launched yet.
2b. Please provide your company website and your social media handles, if any. *
E.g. website: www.deendevelopers.com, twitter: @deendevelopers. Write N/A if none.
2c. Describe your organisation in 1 sentence, *
2d. What is the problem you are trying to solve? (max 100 words) *
2e. Who is your target market? (max 50 words) *
Tell us a little more about what audience you're trying to serve.
2f. What are you trying to build? *
Be concise in describing the solution, product or service you are building.
2g. What stage of development are you at? *
2h. If you have a demo, please share the URL. Your demo can be anything that shows us how the product works. Usually it's a video or screen recording.
2i. What is the difference between what you are proposing/have built and what exists in the market? *
2j. Does your product/organisation currently generate revenue or have plans to do so? *
2k. Do you consider your product/organisation to be a social impact project? If so, how? *
Social impact could mean tech for good or that you're solving a problem that society or the community is facing. Don't worry if you aren't or leave this question blank!
This section is to learn a bit more about your team and future goals.
3a. What skills does each of your team members have and what are their roles in the organisation? *
3b. How long have you known your co-founders for? *
Let us know also if you've worked together before and on what. Share links if possible.
3c. What are you hoping to gain by joining The Deen Developers Accelerator Programme? *
3d. What are your plans for the future of your organisation/product? *
Briefly tell us about your next twelve months and future roadmap.
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