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Terms & Conditions
BACS reserves the right to approve the contents and character of all exhibits and reserves the right to prohibit or expel any exhibit or exhibitor which, in its judgment, is out of keeping with the character of the event. This includes signs and the placement of signage.

Electricity:  Please indicate that you will require an outlet for your booth. We will place the booths accordingly.
: . However, first come, first serve.  This is an outdoor event, you are allowed to bring a tent/canopy and will be rain or shine

Each booth space is 8X8. We also will look into any booth competitors and arrange your location to your advantage.

What your booth includes: We provide advertisement, one electrical outlet (if requested at time of application), and access to the school’s WIFI. We encourage you to bring your own lighting and props, so that you can show your products to their best advantage and help create a holiday environment.

Vendor Setup & Market Hours:  Vendors may unload vehicles at designated locations and times.  Please remove your vehicle from the entrance so others can unload and park in designated parking areas. Vehicles may be unloaded Saturday from 8:30-9:30am. We recommend that you bring handcarts or dollies since there will not be any unloading in the fire lanes.
Terms & Conditions Cont'd
Staffing your booth is your responsibility. If you decide to leave before the event ends, you will need to leave with your booth in the condition it was before you arrived. There will be no refund whatsoever to anyone that leaves early.

Cancellations: Please know that your application fee of $30 is non-refundable. All cancellations must be made via email at: bacspto@gmail.com, so we can open that booth space and reserve it to another vendor.

UNACCEPTED VENDORS: In the event Brighten Academy denies vendor application, BACS will refund the deposit and return to said vendor.

WIFI USAGE: We have opened up our school’s wifi for this event. If you will be accepting credit cards, you will need to connect to it, to ensure the best connection.

HOLD HARMLESS: Vendors understand and agreed that they are fully responsible and hold harmless Brighten Academy and its employees from any and all liability for all claims of every nature and kind whatsoever, including death, personal injury, loss, theft, or damages to personal property, whether or not caused by Brighten Academy, or their own negligence.

A Few Prohibitions: All pertinent fire codes, laws, ordinances and regulations pertaining to health, fire prevention and public safety shall be strictly obeyed. The Fire Marshall requires that no electric lighting may be used on live trees. Lights are permitted on artificial greenery. No hay, straw or any other flammable props are allowed. No chairs or merchandise is allowed in the aisles. Non-compliance after notification by our staff will result in the immediate expulsion of said vendor, with no refund. Incense & candles cannot be lit at all. Canopies are fine unless you are cooking samples or warming items, in which case a fire extinguisher is required.

Application is pending until payment has been received by our office. Application Deadline: March 15th.

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