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Please provide the name of a friend, relative, or caregiver who will be the contact person who agrees to return the radio receiver if you are not able to return it on your own.
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(For Listeners requesting a special radio receiver, please agree to the following terms):
1. The RRS receiver will only be used by someone unable to access print.

2. The RRS receiver is being lent to me free of charge.

3. If I move from Northeast Florida or Southeast Georgia, or can no longer use the service, I, or my contact person listed above, will arrange to have the unit sent back to WJCT at 100 Festival Park Ave, Jacksonville, FL. 32202. (The radio does not get reception outside of this geographic area.)

4. The receiver cannot be given to another individual and is the property of the WJCT RRS.

5. I, or my contact person, will inform the RRS of any change in address, phone numbers and email so that we can keep our listener data base up to date.
Yes, I understand and agree to these terms.
WJCT collects the information below in order to apply for grants in support of the RRS. Providing information for the next three questions is optional.
Origin (check one):
Race (check one):
Annual Income (check one):
(KEY: 1=$0-$26,999; 2=$27,000-$49,999; 3=$50,000 and above)
Support the Radio Reading Service
WJCT Radio Reading Service is a non-profit service that depends solely on donations to operate. A donation is appreciated, but inability to contribute will not affect your eligibility to access the RRS. If you enjoy our service, please encourage friends and family to offer financial support. This tax-deductible gift will provide news, information, entertainment, and cultural opportunities to community members who are visually impaired and print-challenged.

Here's how to make an online contribution to the RRS: After you submit this data form by clicking the blue "Submit" button below, return to the top of the page and hit the yellow "Support WJCT" button, which will take you to the page where you can give to the Radio Reading Service specifically.
Make tax-deductible donations to:
WJCT Radio Reading Service
100 Festival Park Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 32202
(904) 358-6308
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