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지원서 작성 전, 귀하의 성공적인 지원 결과를 위해 아래의 판단기준을 읽어주시기 바랍니다. 모든 문항은 영문으로 되어 있으며, 답변 역시 영어로 적어주셔야 합니다. 영어 실력이 완벽하지 않아도 열정이 가득하다면 충분히 지원 가능하시니 많은 참여 바랍니다!

Thank you for your interest in Trazy Local Guide/Host program. In order to increase the chance of being accepted, please check what we consider the most when reviewing your tour/experience idea.

1. Uniqueness
A) Tour/experience ideas which:
- only YOU can offer as a local host/guide; and
- don’t overlap with existing programs on

B) Host/guide who:
- have interesting and insightful local knowledge to show people around the areas; or
- have unique talent and passion to offer special experience to travelers

2. Storytelling
- How attractively you introduce your tour/experience ideas
- How specific the itinerary of the tour/experience is
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7. How is this tour/experience different from the existing products on *
8. Why should this idea be hosted by YOU? Tell us about yourself relating to your tour/experience idea. *
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