Fair Fringe Bad Boss Awards Nominations 2018
At Fair Fringe, we hear stories all the time about employers at the Edinburgh Festival treating their staff badly. But we still want to hear more!

Is your boss paying you peanuts? Do they schedule you in until 4am and then again the next morning? Do they stand by and do nothing while customers harass staff? Or did they recruit you to a volunteering scheme with promises of industry experience, only for you to be doing grunt work with no purpose?

If this sounds familiar, nominate your boss for a Fair Fringe Bad Boss Award!

A selection of nominated employers will be announced on our Facebook page (search Fair Fringe) and put to an audience vote before the end of the Festival.

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Tell us your story! What has your boss done? How has it affected you? Give us as much detail as you can, but if you don't want to be identified, make sure you don't include any identifying information in this box.
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