Anti-Racism Data Legislation Engagement
The B.C. Government (“Government”) is committed to tackling systemic racism in public sector policies, programs, and services. Data is needed to better understand how Government policies, programs and services have an impact on Indigenous, Black/People of African descent and other racialized communities. Members of Black/People of African descent, Indigenous and racialized communities have advocated for race-based data collection in support of this goal. Government will introduce legislation next year on race-based data collection.

Race-based data collection is about better identifying where gaps and barriers exist for Black/People of African descent, Indigenous and other racialized communities so Government can provide better services and ensure that services are delivered equitably.

The anonymous information collected in this engagement will inform how Government gathers and uses race-based data in the future. This engagement has four goals:

1. To invite participants to share perspectives on different ways to categorize race, ethnicity, ancestry, and faith. This will help Government understand how people in B.C. prefer to identify or represent themselves before we start collecting race-based data.

2. To invite participants to share perspectives on how they would want to provide this information to Government. This will help us understand people’s comfort levels with race-based data collection in different situations.

3. To invite participants to share perspectives on how the information should be accessed and used so that Government can work towards racial equity in priority areas.

4. To invite participants to share perspectives on which Government services have the most inequities and require the greatest need for change.

The overarching objective of these engagements is to inform the development of a B.C.-made approach for the collection, use and disclosure of data to identify systemic racism in a way that builds trust and minimizes harm.

Consent & Privacy:
• Your participation is voluntary and anonymous.
• You can decide not to participate at any time.

Who will use the information participants provide in this engagement?
The anonymous data will be shared with government policy staff, program administrators, elected officials and community partners. It will also be shared back with the public. Participants will be able to see the summarized results in a final public report at the end of the engagement.
No personal information such as names or contact information is collected

Allow 15-20 minutes to fill out the survey

Skeena Diversity has joined the engagement process.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions:
Saša Loggin (she/her)
Executive Director, Skeena Diversity Society

Thank you for your time and contribution!

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