Survey on your Right to Education
This survey helps GALE to make a country report which gives an overview of how the right to education for LGBTIQ+ students in your country is respected.

The survey consists of two parts. There are 25 questions which we use to determine the score of your country (section 3). These questions are mandatory.

Then there are 120 additional questions which help us to study your education system in more depth. These questions are in sections about primary education (section 4), secondary education (5), vocational education (6) and university education (section 7). You can skip any of the additional sections or questions when they are not relevant for you.
If you don’t have the time, you can skip the additional questions altogether.
When you skip a section, scroll to the end and click “next”.

If you do all questions, the survey will take you about 1 hour. If you do only the first 25 questions, you should be able to within 10 minutes.

The survey is anonymous, which means we don’t ask for your name or address. GALE is very careful in how we handle personal data, see our privacy policy:

The survey asks some general questions and some specific questions about gender identity (being male, female, transgender/transsexual), and sexual orientation (hetero, lesbian, gay, bisexual). If you don’t know these words, you can find the meaning in section 2. If you already know the words, you can directly go to section 3.

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