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ACRYLIC PAINTING * Wednesdays, May 12 to June 16, 1:00-5:00 * Instructor: Claire Cayer (514) 932-2796, clairecayer@hotmail.com
These Zoom Acrylic painting classes will comprise teaching techniques and tricks, e.g. painting "eyes" both for humans and for animals, as well as how to create waves in your seascapes or painting glass and its reflections for still life paintings. You will also receive instruction in colour mixing for creating the perfect shade for your work. The instructor will also critique the work you have done and give verbal suggestions on how to improve your paintings. (The class will be divided into smaller groups for this instruction.)
BEAVER HALL GROUP, THE CANADIAN GROUP OF PAINTERS & LES AUTOMATISTES * Mondays, May 10 to June 14, 10:00-12:00 * Instructor: Deanne Hall-Habeeb (514) 931-4550, hdeanne@gmail.com
The Beaver Hall Group, composed of mainly women artists, was a Montreal-based group of painters active in the late 1920s. Many are included in the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts collection such as, Prudence Huward, Sarah Robertson, and Anne Savage.The Canadian Group of Painters (CGP) was a group of 28 painters from across Canada formed in 1933. They were instrumental in establishing a new direction for Canadian art, expressing the diversity of the Canadian experience of landscapes and buildings based on the vision of the Group of Seven.Les Automatistes were a group of Québécois artistic dissidents from Montreal. The movement was founded in the early 1940s by painter Paul-Émile Borduas. Les Automatistes were so called because they were influenced by Surrealism and its theory of automatism.
BRIDGE: IMPROVING YOUR GAME * Thursdays, May 13 to June 17, 10:00-12:00 * Instructor: Gilbert Starosta (514) 341-3893, learningtoplaybridge@gmail.com
In this bridge session, we will start tackling the wonderful world of defence with strategies that will help us to defeat our opponents’ contracts.
CLASSICAL MUSIC: 19TH CENTURY ROMANTICISM * Tuesdays, May 11 to June 15, 1:00-3:00 * Instructor: Roxanne Martel (514)293-6632, roxannemarlene@yahoo.ca
This course will explore the classical music of the 19th Century. We will learn about the composers, their music and the historical context in which they worked. Attention will be given to both the giants of this era as well as some of the lesser-known composers. There will be time spent exploring the new stylistic developments and the progression of harmonic and expressive language across the era. Musical examples will be used to illustrate the topics discussed.
(THE) CLASSICS: GREAT IDEAS AND GREAT BOOKS OF THE WORLD:A CROSS CULTURAL EXPORATION * Mondays, May 10 to June 14, 1:00-3:00 * Instructor: F.X. Charet
Since there are so many important ideas and texts from across the world, we will continue to examine those that have had an impact on forming human culture and civilization. Some of the works that will be considered will be drawn from the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the Americas.
COOKING FOR ONE & HAVING FUN * Thursdays, May 13 to June 17, 3:30-5:30 * Instructor: Bonnie Hill (514) 768-1063, bon5chef@hotmail.com
We will suggest weekly individual meal plans for those of you who live alone or with one companion. Lessons will include a list of all ingredients for you to obtain before each class, along with detailed instructions on its preparation. Healthy & economical meals will include a variety of meats, chicken, fish & vegetarian options. It will be possible to cook along with me via Zoom, or by yourself at another time. - a very different format from the original “Having Fun Cooking for One” but the upside is you have your meal, freshly cooked, hot and ready to serve.
CREATIVE WRITING: PROSE * Fridays, May 14 to June 18, 1:00 - 3:00 * Instructor: Zsolt Alapi (514)484-9837, zalapi@sympatico.ca
The focus of this course will be on techniques of writing fiction: the art of telling good stories. You will be asked to write short (500 word maximum) pieces on a weekly basis, after which members of the group will “workshop” each piece, guided by the instructor. You will be given “prompts” to facilitate this process, many of them concentrating on writing techniques like point-of-view, description, plot structure, dialogue, etc. The instructor will also give short weekly readings that demonstrate these elements of fiction, and we will briefly discuss these factors at the beginning of each class. You will be given extensive feedback on your writing, including suggestions for improvement.John Gardner’s text The Art of Fiction is recommended (though certainly not required) for those serious about writing, and the instructor will use prompts from this book during our time working together.
ESSENTRICS * Thursdays, May 13 to June 24 (7 classes), 11:15 - 12:15 * Instructor: Carole Albert (514) 867-2016, zumbaqueen999@gmail.com
Essentrics is a full-body stretching and strengthening program designed to decompress joints and rebalance and lengthen your muscles. The workout combines ballet strengthening, tai chi fluidity and physiotherapy techniques. Each element provides your body with specific benefits. The ballet movements promote lean, strong muscles, the tai chi movement rebalances your energy and the physiotherapy promotes healing and prevents future injury.
LANDSCAPE PAINTING WITH ACRYLICS * Fridays, May 14 to June 16, 10:00 - 12:00 * Instructor: Deanne Hall-Habeeb (514) 931-4550, hdeanne@gmail.com
In this course, the exciting landscape paintings of the Group of Seven, Tom Thomson and Emily Carr will be our pivotal inspiration. Every week, one or more of these artists will be highlighted. Their particular styles will be explored, explained and demonstrated by the instructor. Each student will create landscape paintings inspired by these artists.Supplies: Acrylic paints, brushes and canvases or canvas boards. Recommendations of what to buy will be sent to the class list after registration.
LINE DANCING * Mondays, May 10 to June 14, 1:00 – 3:00 * Instructor: Jocelyne Kwok Choon (438) 879-2396, jocelyne.kwok.choon@gmail.com
These Zoom line dancing classes are primarily for beginners. Line dancing is a great way to keep fit, healthy and have fun. The benefits of regular line dancing include a possible increase in flexibility, muscular strength, coordination and an improvement in bone health. Jocelyne, an experienced instructor who has worked with many groups, welcomes all new dancers to learn the steps to all types of music. And you don't need a partner! (Make space in your house so you can easily move about.)
MOBILE DEVICES * Wednesday, May 12 to June 16, 10:00 – 12:00 * Instructor: Christine Paquette, Atwater Library (514) 935-7344, CONNECT@atwaterlibrary.ca
A workshop series for all devices (Android, Apple, Windows). With each session, a different topic will be presented, followed by a moderated discussion. Exact topics and discussion will be based on participant questions and concerns, and may include tips on safely browsing the Internet, and exploring commonly used apps. Presented by the Atwater Library Connect Project with funding from the Government of Canada.
MONTREAL THEATRE * Tuesdays, May 11 to June 15, 3:30 - 5:30 * Instructor: Donna Davidson (514) 739-5744, donnadavidson35@gmail.com
This course is designed to acquaint participants with Montreal theatres and Montreal theatre artists. You may learn about local theatres you didn't know existed. Class members will enjoy learning more personal, in depth knowledge of specific theatre community members, and their views about theatre. Also, we will read parts of some plays which are likely to be performed in the near future, and have general discussions about theatre. If you are enthusiastic about live theatre, you are sure to appreciate some, if not all aspects of this course. GUESTS: 1) JOHN DINNING – stage and costume designer – par excellence! Schwartz’s : The Musical, Mambo Italiano, For the Pleasure of Seeing Her Again ( original & National Tour ), The Mad Boy Chronicles, Assorted Candies. 2) MICHAELA DI CAESARE – 1st Italian Montreal playwright, present Playwright in Residence at The Centaur, Plays: Successions, 8 Ways My Mother was Conceived, In Search of Mrs. Pirandello, new completed play to be performed at The Centaur when regular programming resumes - actress. 3) ELEANOR NOBLE – actress: theatre, TV, film - Theatre: Clybourne Park, The Baklawa Recipe . 4) TBA. PLAY READINGS: 2 plays - TBA
PHOTOGRAPHY, FUN and FUNCTION * Wednesdays, May 12 to June 16, 1:00 – 3:00 * Instructor: Maureen Rodrigues (514) 577-6195, maureen.rodrigues10@gmail.com
During this functional photography course, you will learn the basic use of camera controls, true exposure, how to investigate compositional elements and identify lighting. You will require a 35 mm DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) with a 50 mm lens. You can use a film SLF, or even a point and shoot camera. PLEASE be aware that the first half of the class will focus on Camera Controls on a DSLR camera. The second component focuses on 50 mm creative part of seeing, composition and lighting for those using an iPad. All classes have “homework”. A list of weekly topics will be sent to you when you register for the classes. The instructor wants to create a private Facebook page for the group so that there is a way for her to critique your work. Contact the instructor by email with any questions.
POPULAR MUSIC OF THE 50S: BEFORE, DURING, AND AFTER * Thursdays, May 13 to June 17, 1:00-3:00 * Instructor: Craig Morrison (514) 272-0367, craig@craigmorrison.com
Music in the 1950s drew on earlier sounds and had a huge influence on later developments. This course presents where it came from (before), what it was in the 1950s (during), and how it’s perceived and used now (after). You will hear pop, rock and roll, country, jazz, folk, and rhythm and blues. Songs include “Love Letters in the Sand,” “Cara Mia,” “Sixteen Tons,” “Party Doll,” “On Top of Old Smokey,” “Lullaby of Birdland,” “Singing the Blues,” and “Satin Doll.”
SOCIAL HISTORY III * Tuesdays, May 11 to June 15, 10:00-12:00 * Instructor: Bruno Stenson (514) 332-5075, stenson@colba.net
Still more history of everyday people and their daily lives. This time we cover time, the death of a Beatle, bad language, and other elements of daily life. 1) TIME: What is time and how do we measure it? Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, and Doctor Who prove not to be very helpful in finding out .2) GREAT GARDENS OF THE WORLD: The difference between a pleasure garden and a botanical garden, with spectacular examples from around the world. 3) QUÉBEC: A simple history of that complicated place we call home: the Province of Québec, from colonial times to today. 4) SUBLIMINAL ADVERTISING AND THE DEATH OF PAUL MCCARTNEY: The unconscious mind, conspiracy theories, and the lunatic notion that Paul McCartney died in 1966. 5) EARLY CARS: Why did Henry Ford insist that all of his cars be black? How were early cars tested? How fast was “speeding”? 6) SWEARING: Bad language has existed since antiquity. In this lecture we look at the history and use of swearwords right up to those used in English and in French in Québec today. (WARNING: BAD LANGUAGE SHALL BE SPOKEN AND SHOWN ONSCREEN THROUGHOUT THIS LECTURE)
TAI-CHI Basic & Intermediate * Tuesdays, May 11 to June 22 (7 classes), 2:00-3:00 * Instructor: Colin Young (438) 395-6099, taichiyoung@msn.com
Basic and Intermediate:Should you be concerned about your balance or have a fear of falling, Tai-Chi is the perfect program to help improve your balance and prevent such accidents. The gentle and graceful movements will increase your flexibility, help reduce pain and calm your spirit.
YOGA (HATHA) * Mondays, May 10 to June 21 (7 classes), 1:45-2:45 * Instructor: Shizuyo Okada (514) 756-0952, okadashizuyo@gmail.com
Hatha Yoga (mixed-level): A well-rounded experience, consisting of yoga postures (asanas) with some modifications and options, fluid movements, breathing exercises, as well as guided relaxation to help physical and mental wellness. A yoga mat is required. Some yoga experience is helpful, but not necessary. If you've had serious injuries and/or surgeries, please let the instructor know beforehand.
YOGA (WITH CHAIR) * Wednesdays, May 12 to June 23 (7 classes). 10:00-11:00 * Instructor: Shizuyo Okada (514) 756-0952, okadashizuyo@gmail.com
Chair Yoga is a gentler and slower form of Hatha Yoga, in which the practitioners do postures while sitting on a chair or using a chair for support. For this reason, people with limited mobility or people in a smaller office space can practice Chair Yoga with relative ease. It is especially fitting for those who have difficulties sitting or lying down on the floor. Even if you have no mobility issues, if you wish to focus on a light yoga session that increases body awareness and flexibility, this can be a good option for you. Please prepare a sturdy chair with no wheeled legs - something like a waiting/conference room chair would be suitable. No yoga mat or other equipment is required, but if you have yoga blocks and/or a yoga belt, please have them nearby.
GENEALOGY CLUB * Thursdays May 20, June 3, 17 (Three sessions), 1:00 - 3:00 * Moderator: Ron Leduc (450)466-2542, ronaldleduc@sympatico.ca
Whether you're a novice who's given thought to starting your family tree or a seasoned genealogist, E.N.C.O.R.E.'s Geneology Club is for you. Join us as we have fun discovering possible skeletons in the closet, explore search techniques and share our finds. You do not have to have taken Intro to Genealogy to join. Everyone is welcome! So join us, and bring an Ancestor or two....or three!
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