PBIS Student Survey Spring 2019
Edison Otters, please complete this survey about our school! Thank you!
1. What grade are you in? *
2. Do you feel successful with your school work? *
3. Do you try your best to learn at school? *
4. Do the teachers and other grown-ups at school tell you when you do a good job?
5. Do the adults at school listen when you have something to say?
6. Do you do things to be helpful at school?
7. Do you feel safe at school?
8. Do you get along with the other children at school?
9. Do you feel included with the other children at recess?
10. Do you try to be a good person at school? (ex. be a good friend or follow the Otter Be's)
11. Do you have an adult at school that you can talk to if you are having a problem?
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