Join us for Feelings & Frequency
The frequencies of 2020 are unlike anything we've ever experienced! As we become multidimensional, we're being challenged to align our energetic and emotional bodies with our physical body on a completely new level.

Our feelings are a frequency within our body. Old stories, feelings and blocks are held within our bones and tissues, so for 30 days, we will be working with a variety of high vibrational tools to lift, shift and release feelings that are no longer serving us in a gentle and supported process.

For four weeks, beginning on the new moon on 2/22, we will lead you on a journey largely outside of space and time through the Feelings & Frequency Protocol. We'll create daily ritual to anoint ourselves with oils specifically blended to shift our emotions, along with other simple, but powerful daily activities to support your physical body as you experience your emotions shifting around the intention of your choice.

Your guides for this journey have created meditations, sound healing, and breathwork exercises to help you gently release what is no longer serving you and shift your frequency to a new level for this new year!

Weekly Lessons:

Why is it important to work with our feelings and emotions?
Why use oils / plants to do this work?
How do you use the Feelings Kit?
The importance of our intentions
Other supplies or resources for your journey

Week 1
How does the Feelings & Frequency Protocol work?
Infusing your tools with meaning through altars and ritual
What to expect when we start doing this work
What to do if painful emotions come up in dreams or day to day life
You are always in control of your experience and your emotions

Week 2
Working outside of space and time to shift our reality
How bodywork helps shift emotions
What else helps to shift energy in our bodies?
Funneling energy through our bodies

Week 3
We need our emotions, let them come up
Don’t get lost in the processing
Listen to your body
Other things that may want to be released

Week 4
Your frequency affects others you come in contact with, how do you want it to feel?
Make your life a living prayer
The frequency of love
As we wrap up our journey, what’s next?

We'll be hosting this experience in a Facebook group where we'll be able to share our experiences and support one another in community. There is no cost to participate, but be sure you've ordered a Feelings Kit from Young Living prior to our start on 2/22/20.

For step-by-step instructions on ordering your kit, go to Be sure to use the member number of the person who referred you to this class as both the Enroller and Sponsor when prompted.

Your hosts for this month:

Amy Dempster - Your guide for creating and living on the new earth at
Amy Hudson - Sound Healer and Intuitive Coach at
Sarah Petruno - Shamanic Healer at
Faye Wylder - Lightcaster and Breath Alchemist at
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