All Souls Religious Education Form 2017-2018
Religious Education Registration Form 2017-2018
Name(s) of Children, Age, Birth Date, Gender Identity, Grade/School in 2017-2018 year: *
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Is there any important information about your child(ren) that would be helpful for staff or teachers to know? (Allergies, diet, family situations, learning abilities, medical needs, emotional concerns, etc.)
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Religious Education programming is based on the grade your child will be attending in school. Below is a list of each grade's curricula for the first hour.
Infants- 2 years: Nursery Program
3 - 4 years old: Pre-School- Chalice Children
Kindergarten: Spirit Play
1st & 2nd Grades: Moral Tales
3rd Grade: Timeless Themes- Stories from the Hebrew and Christian Bibles
4th Grade: Toolbox of Faith and Our Whole Lives
5th Grade: Our Living Tradition
6th Grade: Neighboring Faiths / Building Bridges
7th & 8th Grades: Amazing Grace/Heeding the Call
9th Grade: Affirmation / Coming of Age
Grades 9-12: High School Youth Groups
If your child is entering the Fourth grade they have the option of being involved in our OWL program in addition to their regular Toolbox of Faith curriculum. This is a voluntary class, please indicate below if you would like your child to be involved.
Second hour options are as follows
Infant - 4 years: Childcare
Kindergarten: 2nd-hour arts and crafts
1st-6th Grade: Option of joining Drama or Choir
9th-12th Grade: High School Youth Group
If you plan on having your child(ren) attend second hour, please indicate so below.
Parent or guardian with whom children attend church: Name, Full Address, Email, Home Phone, Cell Phone, Occupation: *
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Please provide above information for other parent or guardian: *
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Parent Participation Agreement 2017-2018
The All Souls Religious Education (RE) Program is a cooperative venture based on the commitment and energy of many volunteers. At least one parent of each child enrolled in the program must take on an active role throughout the year.

Please check one or more of the following multiple choice areas in which you'd like to support RE. You will be contacted with detailed information about your chosen job(s).

Parent(s) Name(s):

Parent Participation Options: *
Additional Parent Information *
Media Authorization
Occasionally photos, videos, and audio recordings are taken of RE Classes and activities for use by All Souls Church. Please select one of the below options to grant the level of permission you are comfortable with.
Media Input/Authorization: *
I would like to be added to the new All Souls Short Message Service, which will send text messages to my phone for quick day-of updates and reminders of special events, service details, and class changes or cancellations.
I understand that as a parent of a student in the RE at All Souls, I am expected to make a financial pledge to All Souls, to volunteer my time to the RE program during the year, and I agree to remain on church campus while my child or youth is participating in the RE Program.
Please confirm your understanding and consent of the above statement. *
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More information about Religious Education policies and classes can be found by following the Children and Youth Religious Education links at:
Our interim MRE, Tracy Sprowls, can be reached at (212)535-5530 or be email at

Our administrative assistant Colin Wulff can be reached at the same number, or by email at

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