2019 Latornell Conservation Symposium - Presentation and Other Ideas Submission Form
Thank you for your consideration in submitting a presentation idea for the upcoming 2019 Latornell Conservation Symposium. This year's theme is:

Currents of Change: Inspiring, Creating, Transforming.

Many of today's economic, environmental, and social challenges are impacting the health of Ontario's natural resources and creating the need for us to re-think traditional approaches. To ensure healthy watersheds and people, we need to continue to look forward, adapt and find innovative new ways to protect our critical natural resources. At this year's Latornell Conservation Symposium, we're asking delegates to share their research and experiences in order to refresh, motivate and inspire the shifts we need to make in order to transform our approaches and match the pace at which our challenges change. All on a tight budget, of course.

We look forward to hearing about the great work you’ve been doing to continuously redefine our work and shape our role within the broader conservation movement. The 2019 Latornell Conservation Symposium provides us with an opportunity to inspire one another, create change and transform our work through this incredible annual gathering. We look forward to seeing you at the 2019 Symposium!

We want to hear your ideas and solutions related to capacity building, change management and fiscal constraints using case studies, new research, stories and inspirational content. We particularly encourage presenters to share Indigenous perspectives, best practices and innovations across all program areas.

Suggested topics are provided on the Latornell Conservation Symposium website (and on the next page), but this list is not intended to be exhaustive.

Please submit your topic/presentation to the category you feel best fits it but we may shift to a better slot based on other submissions.

Please make sure that the proposed title of your submission accurately reflects the expected content of the presentation as they are grouped based on that understanding.

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