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A short application to join I Need Diverse Games Twitch team! We're not all about view numbers and follower counts. What We want is to give folks a place to call home on Twitch, to highlight streamers who don't always get a lot of airtime or play cause they're newer, or don't meet others requirements.

What we want from streamers who become a part of #DiversifyStreaming

Members must agree to uphold the tenets of the AnyKey Pledge (
Maintain a community that contributes to making Twitch a better platform

Racism, homophobia, transphobia, fat shaming, and other forms of discrimination are not what we do here.
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We ask this so we can ensure our team and community is diverse as the streamers we want to highlight.
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This makes no difference in accepting or declining your application! We just want to know :)
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Inquiring about your status, this does not get you preference on being accepted to the team.
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If the answer is Yes, we ask that you consider waiting to apply so others may have a chance to apply to #DivesifyStreaming who aren't already on a twitch team. Thank you!
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Our community is one that is dedicated to good sportsmanship, ethical behaviour and being a welcoming place on Twitch. If you do not agree with these tenets, please discard your application. You can take the pledge here ( Please link to a screenshot image of the AnyKey icon in your channel.
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