CERA Dog Foster Home Application
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CERA pre-screens all dogs and will not knowingly provide a dog that is dangerous or unsuitable for fostering. Please note CERA does not have a shelter facility in Vancouver for foster dogs to be returned for any reason.

We will match you with a foster dog according to your experiences, preferences and lifestyle.

**Most of our rescue dogs do not come house-trained. You will need to be able to house-train your foster dog and understand accidents are common for dogs with environmental change.**

*Please consider the fostering of an overseas dog carefully before applying*
Primary applicant must be of 25 years of age or older.

CERA reserves the RIGHT to refuse any applicant for any reason without further notification.

1) Submit your initialed online foster application
Once your application has been reviewed we will ask you to email us pictures of inside and outside of your residence (showing the front and back yard and height of fence, if applicable).

2) Phone interview / email correspondence
A phone interview will be arranged during which any questions you might have will be answered.

3) Home Check
A home check is scheduled at your convenience to make sure the environment is suitable for the dog. All residents of the home must be present for the home check. More pictures will also be taken at this time for our rescue’s records. After the home check, our volunteers will decide whether to approve your foster application. We will inform you of our decision within one to seven days.

4) Flight information (If applicable)
Once your foster application is approved, we will email you your foster dog’s flight details once a volunteer passenger carrier has been confirmed.

5) Meet at YVR - Vancouver International Airport (If applicable)
On the day of the flight, our volunteers will be there to help you pick up your foster dog.

You may contact us at anytime, and we will be in touch with you within the first few days of the foster dog’s arrival to assist you should any questions arise. Please take notes of your foster dog’s changes in habits and/or personality, and consider logging the daily routine of your foster dog (like meal times, potty habits, and preference of where to sleep) to better prepare the dog's adoptive family once adopted. Please take pictures and videos of your foster dog to increase exposure of him/her as an adoptable dog.

Thank you for helping your foster dog to find his/her forever home!

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